EducationUSA Programs

EducationUSA Programs

If you are thinking about studying in the USA, but don’t know where to start, EducationUSA Russia provides different courses and programs.

120 Credits

Here you can get the information you will need on the way to your dream. You will learn how to choose an educational institution (program) in the United States, how to find resources to pay for education in the United States, and how to prepare documents for admission. The 120 Credits Undergraduate course is suitable for school students who dream of studying in the United States, as well as for their parents, Students who graduate from a Russian university and are thinking about further studies in the United States, and adult professionals who need additional training, can choose the 120 Credits Graduate course.

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Pre-Competitive College Club

Pre-Competitive College Club (Pre-ССС) is a program for active and motivated high school students, aimed at developing language skills and increasing the level of their English. You will have a series of online informational meetings with American and Russian experts for school students of 8-9 grades who would like to enter American universities.

The program starts in September and lasts the entire academic year. Applications are accepted in August. Participants must be able to take part in online club events at least 4 times a month during the course period (on Sundays at 14:00 or 16:00 Moscow time).

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Сompetitive Сollege Сlub

Сompetitive Сollege Сlub (ССС) is a program for active high school students of 9-11 grades. Participants take part in a series of informational online meetings with American and Russian experts, educational competitions and summer programs.

The program lasts 2-3 years, most of the events take place online, and a student from any Russian city can take part in the program.

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Lost & Found: undegraduate Cycle

If you dream of studying in the USA, but you don’t have enough motivation and self-confidence, this program is for you. Lost & Found – a series of meetings taking place once a quarter. You will be able to re-organize all the information, gain self-confidence and continue your path of admission to US universities: successfully complete the 120 Credits undergraduate program and begin (or continue) individual consultations on the admission strategy. Also, this program will be useful for parents whose children have made a decision about preparation and admission. The more parents know about their children possible fears on the way to a dream, the higher the chance is to go this way successfully.

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Graduate Students Advising Program

Graduate Students Advising Program (GSAp) is a series of informational online meetings with experts for students and professionals wishing to enroll in American universities for a master’s or postgraduate study in the United States. Also, you have an opportunity to get the necessary information first-hand from those who have already completed education in American universities.

The duration of the program is from 4 to 6 months, meetings are held online 2 times a week.

Registration for the program takes place 2 times a year.

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